PRINCE rskavac

P rince is a wine made from indigenous Serbian grape variety, known as Prokupac. The Rskavac is the autochthonous name in Župa for the grapes which, while they are consumed, "crunches" under the teeth. Dark ruby red. The aroma is accentuated and very pleasant, extremely complex, prevailing aromaa of prune and vanilla, shades of tobacco and overripen black currants. Eighteen months in the barrique, a combination of Serbian and French oak.

One of the most recognizable and most representative wines of Serbia. Produced from vineyards aged over 80 years. It represents, quite surely, the most authentic wine from Župa vineyards.

Food pairing

Prosciutto, red meat

Game, very spicy dishes

Roasted lamb

Serbian barbecue


Strong, fatty cheeses

Serve at room temperature. We recommend use of decanter.