V ranac, prokupac and začinka definitely make up the Serbian trilogy of winemaking. These are three varieties and each of them carries its distinctive character, here compounded in a top harmonic blend. Wine that exudes exceptional strength and fullness, with complex aromas of red berries and fruit jams, cinnamon, chocolate, spice grass and oak. Sturdy and pleasant tannin structure that gives richness and sharpness, but also wine of thin, full and rounded notes. With a long and very mild finish.

Food pairing


With pork, veal, pasta and spicy game.


With grilled meat, forest mushrooms, various specialties of Serbian local cuisine.


With slow cooked turkey, piglet, spicy veal, pastas with meat and tomato, goulash and old cheeses.

It is served at a temperature of 18 to 20ºC, with mandatory aeration, or open 30 to 60 minutes before serving.